Clothes from Eclipse

American Eagle Bomber Jacket

(Sold Out)

Possible BDG Winterlite Crew

(Urbanoutfitters, I'm wearing mine in the last picture in a lighter shade of red)

Hoodie Jacket

(Possibly the same one she wore in New Moon below)

Full Outfit

Grey Skinny Jeans

(Maybe American Eagle? But the pattern on the back pocket seems too low)

Purple Shirt with Three Buttons

(Could be layering shirts)

Purple Plaid Shirt

(The impossible to find plaids again!)

Phillip Lim Plaid Shirt

(Sold Out)

BDG Sage Tank Top


Yellow Cardigan, White Shirt, Dark Wash Jeans

(No idea)

Blue Shirt, Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

(The blue shirt is almost see-through, and the jeans might have a zipper? It also has loops closer in the back then most jeans)

New Eclipse Trailer Clothes

(Brown Jacket, Blue shirt, Jeans, BDG Sage Tank Top, Cream Shorts, Grey Knit Cardigan Sweater, Light Blue-ish Shirt)

Grey Knit Cardigan or Sweater

(You can see she has a grey cardigan when she's with Charlie, and you can see the ribbing along the neckline in the teaser trailer as well as the knit element of the sweater in the picture below at the end of the sleeve.)

Grey Knit Shirt or Cardigan

(You can see the unique waffle type knit quality of the shirt and the stitching in this picture.)

Brown Hooded Jacket, Blue Shirt, Jeans

(Might be the same hooded jacket as before? And a blue shirt can be seen under it.)


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